The Holy Spirit, though Often Invisible, Is as Vital To Our Church Leadership And Congregations As The Air We Breathe.

Marvin Yoder

Marvin Yoder Ministries

MYM is a spiritual voice bringing spiritual insights and supernatural strategies to help the Church prevail and be glorious in the last days.

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No matter what your need may be or how often your need may occur, the Holy Spirit is able to bring you what you need. He is always more than any need or request we bring to Him.

Draw inspiration from Acts 2:17 and Philippians 1:19 as we delve into the limitless grace and provision of the Holy Spirit. 📖 #MarvinYoderMinistries #HolySpirit #DivineProvision
When Crisis Comes 🙏

Life can be filled with unexpected challenges, but it’s during these moments that we must hold onto our faith in God. The words shared in this powerful message remind us of three essential truths:

1️⃣ God is always good, unwavering in His love and care for us, no matter the circumstances.

2️⃣ His promises in His Word remain true, offering us hope and guidance, even in the darkest of times.

3️⃣ God’s love is relentless, and He never lets go of us, providing comfort and strength when we need it most.

We all face our own trials and tribulations, but remember, you’re not alone. Find solace in God and His promises, and know that you are deeply loved. ❤️

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The Lord wants to move supernaturally in our lives, if only He can find faith in our hearts!

Want to know more about the power of God? Checkout this and other messages on our YouTube channel! 
Check the links in our BIOS.

#MarvinYoderMinistries #HolySpiritPower #Faith
🇧🇷 Transporting you to the heart of Verbo da Vida's main church in Brazil! 🙏✨ Our time there was an incredible journey delving into the profound truths of The Word of God. We passionately emphasized the significance of aligning with God's will and embracing His Word. Witnessing numerous souls embracing Jesus as their Savior was awe-inspiring! 

Collective healing flowed through the service, leaving hearts renewed and spirits uplifted. The faith that courses through the people of Brazil is nothing short of inspiring – a fervent, unstoppable pursuit of God's promises. 📖

Our Brazil adventure was beyond words, and we're thrilled to offer you a glimpse into this enriching experience. 📸 Your unwavering prayers and support made this possible, and for that, we're deeply grateful. 🙌 Stay tuned as we'll soon be sharing captivating videos on our YouTube channel, bringing the essence of Brazil right to your screens.

Stay connected, stay blessed, and let's continue this faith-filled journey together!

#WordofFaith #MarvinYoderMinistries #HolySpiritPower #MYM #Faith #brazil
It is an honor to be with Apostle Guto and Ms. Jan Wright in Campina Grande,Paraíba, Brazil, and also to speak at the Verbo da Vida Ministries Operations Center to the board and staff people there. We are so thankful to see the Word of Faith going forth throughout Brazil and other places.  #wordoffaith #marvinyoderministries #marvinyoder #wordofgod #Brasil #verbodavida
Preaching the truth of the word of God in Brazil! Brazil 🇧🇷
🇧🇷🙏 We are heading to Brazil to preach the Word of God! And we believe in signs and wonders under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Join us in prayer and support as we share hope and love. 🤝❤️ #MissionToBrazil #faith #PrayForUs #wordoffaith
God’s heart has always been for His people to be Spirit-filled, walking in the fullness of His glory and grace. But here’s the deal: on our journey toward spiritual growth, there might be a few wrinkles that need ironing out, some spots that need cleansing, and blemishes that need God’s loving touch.

Head over to YouTube channel right now and immerse yourself in the full preaching of “When The Holy Spirit Came.”were we unfold the transformative encounter with the Holy Spirit, guiding you on a journey of spiritual growth and empowerment. 

#HolySpirit #MysteryUnveiled #PersonalRelationship #JourneyTogether #TransformativePower #wordoffaith #marvinyoderministries #marvinyoder
🇧🇷 We’re traveling to Brazil this August! 
Join us in prayer and support as we share the word of faith and the Holy Spirit to the nation of Brazil. Let’s make this journey impactful together! Partner with us in prayer and consider contributing to this transformative trip!
 #MarvinYoder #MarvinYoderMinistries #BrazilMinisterialTrip #Faith #TogetherWeMakeADifference
We encourage you to read your Bible. When you learn to go to the Word, God will teach you to walk in truth—He’ll show you what you need!
Unveiling the Holy Spirit

Curious about the Holy Spirit? You're not alone! You can discover Him through symbols like rain, wind, fire, and more in the Bible. But to truly understand, nurture a personal relationship. Let's embark on this journey together! Share your insights below and let's inspire one another with your experience with the Holy Spirit.

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