Revolutionary Mindset: Renew the mind. Step into a new season. Experience success.

Do you feel stuck? Are you trapped doing the same things over and over? Are you tired of not getting that promotion, wading through the same old marriage problems, or confronting the same bad habits time and time again? Do you feel like a hostage to your own thoughts? Help is here! This book is full of revolutionary ideas that will propel you into a new season. In Revolutionary Mindset, Bible teacher and international minister Marvin Yoder uses God’s Word to blast through mental and emotional barriers and get you unstuck and moving forward. He reveals scriptural truths and unpacks practical insights that expose the audacious lies that have blocked you and held you back. The principles of God’s Word will free you and empower you to soar into your destiny! You will learn to…  
  • Strategize a roadmap to success
  • Halt and reverse negative thought patterns
  • Overcome harmful and damaged emotions
  • Prepare for supernatural increase
  • Enlarge. Stretch out. Lengthen and strengthen.
  As you act on God’s Word, God will reveal every step you must take to experience His promises. Don’t wait another day to revolutionize your mind and launch into a new season of success.
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