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Marvin Yoder and Leah Yoder at Rhema Bible Church

Marvin Yoder grew up in the Old Order Amish Church, driving a horse and buggy until he left the family farm. It seemed that Marvin was destined to never leave the farm, but God has raised him up to minister throughout the United States and in numerous other nations.

Marvin has served as the Dean of Rhema Bible Training College and the Dean of Christian Training Institute. He currently serves as an instructor at Rhema Bible Training College and travels extensively, nationally and abroad. He is a frequent speaker at churches, seminars, leadership meetings, and conferences.

Marvin and his wife, Leah, have pastored several churches, both denominational and nondenominational. They have traveled together for a number of years, ministering in churches as a guest speakers, conducting seminars, and as conference speakers.

He brings life-changing insights from God’s Word mixed with practical, and often humorous, illustrations. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as he ministers will encourage people to believe they can receive what they need from God and that they can fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Marvin is a 1984 graduate and Leah is a 2003 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College. Marvin has authored several books and study guides, including Revolutionary Mindset and The Traveling Minister’s Handbook.


Marvin Yoder Ministries is a spiritual voice bringing spiritual insights and supernatural strategies to help the Church prevails and be glorious in the last days.


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