The Holy Spirit is a real person, having all the attributes of a person, and He is our Divine Helper.

The Holy Spirit has arrived! What a grand entrance He made on the Day of Pentecost, displaying His power in various ways through wind, fire, tongues, and power. This is a complete game-changer for mankind.

For those who have discovered the reality of the indwelling Helper, the Holy Spirit, everything changes. They realize that they are no longer alone or helpless.

When the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us, He comes with all He is and with all He has. 

We don’t get just a little part of Him. He comes to live in us completely and fully. The Holy Spirit is as powerful here on earth, living in us who believe, as He is in heaven.

Location does not dictate what the Holy Spirit can do for us, but our actions and attitudes are often determining factors in what He is able to accomplish in our lives.

As we read the activities of the Early Church, our hearts should be stirred and our imaginations activated to help us look into the possibility of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst today.

A few points about the Holy Spirit:

  1. To begin the Church, the Holy Spirit was required to move in the midst of mankind, and to continue building the Church requires the same; yes, even to a greater degree than at the beginning.
  2. The Holy Spirit has not forsaken or abandoned us throughout the entire Church Age. He is here… moving in our midst by His power… ready, willing, and able to help all who will receive it.
  3. We must expect the Holy Spirit to do no less than what the Word says He will do. The Holy Spirit is moving in the earth, and as we trust Him, we will see Him move mightily and powerfully in our lives.
  4. The Holy Spirit is with every believer to give them all the benefits and privileges that God has promised them. Throughout this entire age the Holy Spirit is making spiritual realities better than ever.

From God’s perspective, something becomes better when it lines up with His Word. He labels it better when our plans line up with His will. Amen!

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